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My name is Kelly and I LOVE to run!  I want to share this love with others, helping people achieve their running goals, whether it be to make it through their first 5k, run crazy long distances, or to gain speed.  I am a RRCA Certified Running Coach and have certifications in both Sports Nutrition and Weight Management.   



There will be a face to face 30 minute meeting to discuss your current lifestyle, your running goals and your schedule.  I will then devise an Individualized Running Plan (IRP) to help you achieve your goal.  The plan can be 4 -12 weeks in length.  Along with this plan, you will have email access to me throughout your training, making adjustments as needed. The plan is considered a “living” document, meant to change and grow with you.


I coach kids in grades 3-8 using hte Kids Run the Nation curriculum.  Kids Run the Nation has been a Road Runners Club of America program since 2008, starting in response to the growing national concern for children’s health. It is a gender inclusive program with an emphasis on participation and developing a healthy lifestyle.



Tuesday evenings from 6-7:15 I offer a Stronger Fitter Faster class.  This class focuses on speed work and strength training, as well as form drills and stretching.  



If you live in the Rochester area and would like a one on one session, I will run one of your workouts with you (no more than one hour).  This will give you direct, individualized coaching and can include a running form session using video to analyze current running style; track workouts aimed at gaining speed for any distance, or tempo runs.  



I can help you determine best practices for your nutrition as it relates to your running.  This is a free service included with any of the above.

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