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Take a peek at some things runners are saying about Running with Kelly...


Kelly is my coach. She has made me a stronger, faster and more confident runner. her training mixes speed, tempo and distance running with fun and support from her and my fellow runners. Strength, technique and nutrition are part of the whole package.  Without Kelly’s training, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to enter my name in the New York City Marathon, but I did and I finished it!  Kelly should be your coach too.





I didn't start running until I was 47 and in the years before I met Kelly, I managed to get myself through 5Ks, half marathons, and marathons. But when I decided to run an ultra, I needed help, and that's when I found Kelly. I needed someone who knew what they were doing for the longer distances and, if I followed her plan, would deliver me to the start line and the finish line healthy and happy. Not only was I pain-free during my run around Canandaigua Lake (50 miles), but absolutely euphoric the entire time. I couldn't have asked for a better day. 


I'm 56, and I know I'm not going to make the Olympic team. I have never won a running event or even come close. But that doesn't keep me from working hard and trying to improve. With each plan Kelly creates for me, she throws down a challenge and, workout by workout, I try to rise to it. She believes I am capable of more than I can even imagine. I take my training seriously and that's what I like best about working with Kelly: she takes my training seriously too. 












I had been running for a few years when I made the decision that I wanted to become a stronger, faster runner. My running had plateaued, and I was really uninspired to continue. This is when I sought out Coach Kelly and she was just the kick I needed to get to the next level. After working with her for a few months, I reached some of my loftier running goals: I set new personal records in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon. She also inspired me to try some longer distances including a 50k ultra-marathon and most recently the Rochester marathon. I never could have done it without Coach Kelly! Thanks!"


Alex C


I started running three years ago with a very large training program, at the time it was what I needed to start. It got me off the couch and out the door and I learned to run. When I was finished I ran my first 5K and several others after that. On a whim I went to a free workout offered by Kelly Nash and I knew instantly what had been missing from my training, and it was Coach Kelly. I began training with Running with Kelly in 2013. It was then, with the help of Kelly, that I began believing in myself; reaching for higher goals and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. Since then I have participated in several 10k events, four Half Marathons, an obstacle course run, a 12 hour run, and even a 50K trail race. I am never going to run a 9 minute mile but I am taking on challenges I never dreamed of. Kelly believes in each and every runner she works with. It doesn’t matter if you run a 7 minute mile or a 15 minute mile; Kelly believes in you and what you can achieve. Kelly approaches each runner as an individual based on his or her goals whether it is increased speed, distance, strength, stress relief, or just to keep moving. Whatever your goals are, Kelly will get you there. What I have truly enjoyed the most about Running with Kelly is the love and support she gives to each runner and the culture she fosters in her running group. There is no better feeling then crossing a race finish line as Coach Kelly is waiting for you and your running group is screaming and cheering you in. We truly are a family that supports each other; supported by our coach. You will find us hosting runs followed by breakfast, special evening routes followed by drinks by someone’s pool, New Year’s Day hangover runs followed by a huge celebration, meeting out for drinks and darts, even traveling to out of town racing events as a group. Check out Running with Kelly and take a few minutes to talk about your running goals with Coach Kelly. You won’t regret it! I know I don’t and as a result I have found a Coach and friend for life in Kelly!


Anne P



If you're looking to take your training to the next level I highly recommend Coach Kelly. The detail and support you get from one of Coach Kelly's plans is second to none. Thanks to Coach Kelly I achieved a 5k PR of 22:59 and a distance PR of 50 miles at Can Lakes.


Jason H










I joined RWK because I was looking for a coach that could give me one on one attention, help me stay focused on becoming a better athlete, and most importantly keep it fun and inspiring. I got it all and more with Kelly. Not only does she design a running/exercise plan specifically for me with my goals in mind, but she inspires me because of all her own accomplishments - in the past and currently. She is an incredible athlete and a great person full of love and enthusiasm and has consequently attracted an awesome group of individuals that I now call my friends. We all support each other no matter where we are as far as ability goes. RWK is wonderful and has added tremendously to my life! I am 56 years young and continue to better my running times in every event from a 5k to over 50 miles. Having Kelly as my Coach and friend has made that possible. I cannot thank Kelly enough.


Cathie T



I am new to RWK this past year, after seeing many others sign on with her. I was new to having an actual coach, at least since high school, but I had goals that I wasn't sure I was capable of achieving, especially with being slightly older. When I first spoke with Kelly, she was genuinely concerned about why I run and where I wanted to go. The athlete questionnaire enabled Kelly to become familiar with my times and my achievements and where I wanted to go. Within a short time, Kelly provided me with a detailed workout plan, customized specifically for me. Each week I supplied an update with feedback from Kelly. I could review directly with Kelly where I felt good or not so good and have adjustments made to my plan based on progress or races. Most importantly the plan provided me the confidence that I could achieve my goals, as I grew stronger each week. My goal when I began with Kelly was to achieve a 4:20 marathon and I was able to finish in 4:12 and enjoyed every step of that 24 minute PR, thanks to Kelly. Kelly talks the talk and walks the walks as she runs with us too and leads by example. I couldn't be happier nor prouder to call Kelly my coach and I look forward to many more years of reaching more goals while working with Kelly!! Thank you for being the best coach Kelly!!


Karen M


Subbing 20 minutes in a 5K was something I did in high school.  Not to be repeated.  Certainly not two decades (and then some) later.  Or so I thought.  In a matter of just a couple months with Coach Kelly, I’ve not only found that old form, but improved it.  Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and ability to vary workouts will keep you motivated, racing past your PRs, and redefining your running prime.


Kevin S

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