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Count Your Blessings

Last weekend Charlie and I were dropping Erika and a friend off to a movie. As I was pulling in to the plaza, I looked over just in time to see an older woman step up on a curb, lose her balance and fall backwards, hitting her head hard on the pavement. By the time I pulled over and ran to her, there were two other passerbyers assisting her.

This woman said she was fine, though we were worried about her. She shared she had a neurological disorder and that's why her speech was slurred and her mobility impaired. She insisted she needed to get home, saying she didn't want to go back to the hospital again. Her car, however, would not start.

The two other people helping were great. We had agreed that 911 should be called so she could get checked out to be sure she was ok. So Joe went to assist with the car while Judy called 911. My job was to keep the woman occupied and calm. So we talked.

Her name is Dorothy. She's been in the hospital two times this month already and did NOT want to go back. I asked if she had family we could call, and she told me no, "they're all dead." She was upset that we were calling 911 rather than AAA, but we assured her that it was for the best, and the 911 operator said she'd send police first, and they'd decide about an ambulance. She thanked me and the others several times for caring enough to stop and help her.

The police officers showed up shortly after, questioning Dorothy and looking to Joe, Judy and I for some information. The officers treated her very kindly and were sensitive to her, finally able to get the name and number of a friend of Dorothy's to come check on her.

Since the police were present, Joe, Judy and I were no longer needed. We shook hands and shared our relief that we were there not only for Dorothy, but for each other as well. And then I left (almost forgot Charlie was waiting in the car the whole time).

Why am I sharing this? And why on Thanksgiving? I was sad that Dorothy felt so alone, with no family. But I'm so glad I was able to be there for her that day, along with three others. I'm thankful Judy and Joe were moved to be of support for this person they didn't know. I'm thankful that the police officers that responded were kind and caring.

Sometimes I think the world we live in is filled with individuals, people who only care about themselves and their agendas. But this day I was reminded that the world is filled with Joe's and Judy's and kind officers and sweet Dorothy's who care enough to stop and help a stranger in need.

Let us be reminded this Thanksgiving, to not only be thankful for all of our blessings, but to be thankful for opportunities to be a blessing to another.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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