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Eagles, Cranes and Spider Poop

It is so easy to get lost when running. I don’t mean physically getting off course and not knowing where we are, I mean, getting lost in our thoughts, music, and conversation. Some days that “getting lost” kind of run is exactly what I need; an escape. But this annual trip to Cossayuna Lake had me paying attention.

I love visiting Aunt Christa and Uncle Ron! They built their beautiful home on Cossayuna Lake near Saratoga…the perfect place for a runner’s get away! They share in great conversations about current events, local happenings and family history, and of course, lots of food!

I always learn something! In fact, this past weekend I learned about spider poop. I had no idea about spider excrement! Aunt Christa said she had seen what looked like bird doo, but after looking more closely, she realized it was from the spiders that make a home on her front porch. I never realize that spiders pooped, but Erika reminded me that everything does!

So when I headed out for my run around the lake, I was determined to stay in the moment and pay attention to everything around me. Day one I ran the 7+ miles around the lake and day 2 I ran around the lake twice. At 52 degrees, it was perfect running weather! At 2 different spots on the lake, I startled a crane, prompting him to spread those impressive wings and fly away to another spot. There was a majestic bald eagle keeping watch over the small lake from a tall tree. I saw a family of deer feeding on an apple tree before fleeing across the road when a car came through. I saw 2 wild turkey with several chicks. I saw the crane another time, and if I wasn’t paying attention, I would have missed him. Running by a marshy area I heard a stirring, looked to my left and there was the crane, as if in slow motion, getting up out of his spot and again, spread those wings and flew off. Then there was the rooster. During the visit, I ran around the lake 3 times and rode my bike once. Each time I went by this farm house on the west side, a rooster crowed at me, as if to say, enjoy your trip around! I continued to stay in the moment when taking the kayak out, spying the eagle, watching the fish, and exploring the plant life. I could have missed all this if I didn’t pay attention.

Staying in the moment during my lake runs is a safety must as the road has very little shoulder and eager vacationers sometimes drive over the posted speed limit to get to their destinations. But taking notice of all the life around, things I so often overlook, truly filled my soul with joy and peace.

I hope that your next run, walk, ride, or hike is filled with a spirit of discovery. Maybe you can even spot some spider poop!

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