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Running with my Boy

It has been a long time since I have done any writing. I've been busy getting my daughter ready to go off to college, I've been busy at work, especially with the 5K I'm organizing (don't forget to register for the Heritage Hero 5K:, and I've been busy with a full coaching calendar. Its all great stuff, but I have to be creative in finding good quality time to send with my son, Charlie.

Several years ago, Charlie decided to join the cross country team. I would try running with him on occasion, but he struggled and had to walk quite a bit. We'd only make it a mile, maybe 2 and he'd be done. Now Charlie is about to start his junior year in high school, turning 16 this November, and he's been running consistently to get ready for the start of his 5th cross country season.

This morning we decided to run together. He had mapped out a course for us...7 miles! We headed out with some money in a plastic bag in case we needed to stop for a drink. One thing about Charlie, and probably any teenager, he likes to sleep in on the weekends. We didn't get out for our run until nearly 10:30. It was already very hot and humid! I would have rather run earlier and been done by then, but this was a chance to spend time with my boy!

As we started off, we were talking about how his runs have been going so far, his summer projects for school, and what he'd miss most about his sister when she goes off to college. We ran through the flats and enjoyed checking out the old antique relics along the road, the big farm houses, and then of course, running up the hill at the end (HARD WORK!). I was excited to be in front of him for the up hill... I am competitive you know;) But heading into the downhill he glided by and I couldn't catch him. We decided if we could combine my uphill with his downhill, we'd be perfect!

We stopped at a Rite Aid and bought a couple Gatorade's and had a nice little break before heading back home. We talked about running goals, school, politics, even religion! The time we spend running together is so precious to me! Not because of the running, but because of the uninterrupted mother-son time.

I wanted to take a picture of us when we finished our run today, but he didn't want me to. The best I could get was a picture of our shoes next to each other. There was a time when I was taller and faster, but now its Charlie who is taller and faster. But at least he'll still run with me!

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