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Just Breathe

Today I have a busy day. I’m sure I’m not the only one! Tomorrow is Easter and I still have some candy related preparations that I need to do. I have some more running plans to write, I need to get to Wegmans, I need to bake a cake, I have a house to clean and somehow I need to squeeze in 8 miles. Too often it’s my planned run that loses out, so I started the busy day with it today.

I met some friends at Seneca Park at 8am for a run. I love running there! I saw the zoo staff walking the elephants, I could hear the deep roar of the lion, and I saw a beautiful, graceful swan in the pond. As I took this in, my racing mind started to slow down and my pace started to pick up.

I decided to go off on my own a bit on some trails. The morning air was cold and crisp, yet the sun warmed my face. The sun’s rays were streaming through the trees, reflecting on the wet leaves and path below. The sounds….. that’s what made me slow down at first. I could hear woodpeckers, blue birds, and geese. I could hear the running water of the stream trickling down the rocks and branches to the river below. I could hear the breeze gently sway the trees. I had to come to a complete stop at one point. I just knelt and prayed. I thanked God for the beauty all around me. I asked for forgiveness for getting so into my busy life that I forget to notice. I enjoyed just breathing and being. I had my own little worship service.

I find it ironic that taking time to just breathe, actually energizes me. I think this quiet time alone fills my soul with purpose. As I ran back out of the trail, I felt fast and free and could not stop smiling!

There’s a song that fits perfectly with how I feel this morning. Breathe, by Jonny Diaz. “Breathe… just breathe, come and rest at my feet. And be…. Just be…. chaos calls, but all you really need is to just breathe. “

I hope you find time today and every day to just breathe. Happy Running! And Happy Easter!

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